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Who we are?

At Driftingwood, we take great pride in design and  hand-craftsmanship of our products. Our in-house carpenters create time honed furniture. The expert craftsmen, some of them even from the fourth generations of furniture and sofa karigars, who have been working for the Royalty in Rajasthan, transform these designs into timeless products. Our designs blend contemporary sensibilities with traditions of excellence in craftsmanship and quality. Our products whether a Sofa, a Chair, a Coffee table or Soft furnishings are made in India to the most exacting standards and designed in styles, so that they bring exceptional beauty to your home. 

Perfect Furniture for Every Nook and Corner of Your Home Create your dream home or office with the affordable range of furniture inspired by the latest trends and designs at Driftingwood. Our range of trendy furniture features products that not only look great but are also very portable and handy to use.

Our beliefs are very simple. In this dynamic world, we believe in delivering the best product in the most efficient manner to you which is not just a virtue but now a necessity for your business. Thereby, our beliefs revolve around the words that reflect dynamism in our business, integrity in our words and perfection in our work

Quality Driftingwood, an online furniture store believes in combining outstanding quality with astonishing value, offering a carefully curated, assortment of home products. Pairing timeless elements with fresh twists, each item is designed to enhance a room, or inspire a memorable experience

Our Team Member Turning the gap between aesthetically pleasing furniture and consumers into an opportunity

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CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Everything we create is designed with our customer in mind, and we’re committed to an incredible service experience that leaves our customer smiling each time they visit us online or speak to one of our cheerful customer service associate.